welcome to your gateway to the people and cultures of asia. i will be your guide, i hope you enjoy your journey.

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p.s. you can view posts by country or city; for instance entering /tagged/japan after the url will give you posts about just japan or entering /tagged/seoul after the url will give you posts just about seoul.

if you ever have any questions or concerns, the guide is always here. please remember that while this journey has been curated for you to enjoy, the guide has their own preferences, outside life, and interests. i really do enjoy running this, but please be understanding that i am a busy college student and may not always be able to post.

no photos found here on this page are mine unless stated otherwise. if you find something that is yours and it is not properly credited or you would like it removed, please let me know.

likewise, if you find something on this page offensive please let me know.

if there are any other concerns, please feel free to ask me and i will happily address them.

i would like my blog to be somewhere people can enjoy asia and the many people and cultures within the continent!

Untitled (by Sandro Bisaro)

#landscape #cityscape #shanghai #china #asia #puxi

Jun. 25th
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